Aggravated Sexual Battery Montgomery Maryland

Aggravated Sexual Battery Laws is also one of the big abusing methods in Virginia, it is also one of the big crime of sexual battery on a minor in Montgomery, in this case, if a minor is a victim, the accused person should have some requirements that he would be required to get registered on the sex offender’s registry on the first rather than the other third because of the Victim that he is a minor. Then there is a sexual battery if it was forced and was used and the victim of this is thirteen to fifteen years of ages.

Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

On the other side, sexual abuse of the child who is under fifteen when the child is thirteen or older but under the age of fifteen, it is known as class one misdemeanor. Basically, there are different types of sex crimes in Montgomery Maryland, some of the people consider forcible sodomy, rape, and much other objective penetration to be the most serious sexual assault crimes. Somehow, there is also many another different type of sex crimes which may have serious legal penalties in addition to the offender registry. Here in Montgomery Maryland sex crime lawyers will help you and guide you to understand different circumstances and different types of sex crimes, they may be charged with different felony offenses.

Criminal Codes:

In Montgomery Maryland codes, examples are as follow these are:

  • Alluring, enticing, persuading or involving any child or a minor person to enter any vehicle, house or in a room or any other place for any of the purpose that is stated below
  • A person who is exposing his or her genital parts to any child or a minor person to whom who is not legally married to, or proposing to a child to expose his or her genital parts to that person or any other one.
  • Proposing to any other child to the performance of any act of sexual intercourse or any other act consisting any offense under 18.2-361 Maryland sex laws.
  • Proposing to any child feel or to fondle the sexual or genitals parts of any person or to propose to any person to feel or fondle the sexual or genital parts of any other person or a child.

Any individual if he is guilty or proposes for sexual intercourse to any child or if he or she is involved with any child or with any other, sexual act or purpose, any practice or deed of persuasion which might be intended towards a minor child or a person to a child to enter in a room building, at any such place with intention of sexually involving to any considered person or as taking Aggravated Sexual Battery with any child in Maryland laws.


Sexual act is filmed or photographed or it may be documented in any other means for gaining that could be monetary or it may be gained to indecent gaining which could be considered to take indecent liberties and it is serious offense and it could be punished for 1 or more than 1o years in imprisonment and they may be charged and could be much high amount is charged about 100,000 dollars