What is Considered to be Sexual Violence in Virginia?

Any sexual act whether verbal or physical, which is sexual in nature and can physically or mentally harm a person is considered as sexual violence. There are many forms of sexual violence, which includes: Rape Child sexual assault Marital rape Sexual harassment Incest Exposure Voyeurism Other sexual violence may also include forcible sexual assault through … Read more

Got a ticket? Here’s how you can fight it

If you end up as an unfortunate recipient of a ticket in Virginia, you need to assess what you’re charged with. If it’s just a regular speeding ticket, you can choose to pay it in order to dismiss your charges rather than getting in contact with a lawyer. However, if you’re charged for reckless driving, … Read more

Penalties for Committing Sex Offenses against Minors

People who commit sex offenses against minors are described as ‘predators’ and are often assumed as adults. It is necessary to understand that a significant portion of these crimes is committed by other minors as well who sometimes may or may not fit into such conditions. Committing sexual assault against minors have increased in recent … Read more


Speeding is known to be one of the main causes of accidents and fatalities on Virginia roads. Speeding can be defined simply as driving well over the speed limit which has been posted or at a speed which is very inappropriate provided the driving conditions (for instance; rain, fog, traffic on the roads, traffic flow). … Read more