Coming Up with Effective Defenses for Reckless Driving in Virginia

Reckless driving is a serious traffic offense, one which is not taken lightly. Usually, it means to drive at a speed of 20 miles per hour, above the legal or posted speed limit or even at any speed in excess of 80 miles per miles or even causing serious felony offenses like endangering life, limb or property through your reckless driving. Coming up with effective defenses for reckless driving can be tough and then there comes the need to hire a professional legal lawyer who can help you get through by creating a strong defense case in your aid and coming up with effective defenses for reckless driving in Virginia

Applying the Right Jurisdiction

If you have been pulled over by a patrol officer on a reckless driving crime, then your lawyer needs to see if the right jurisdiction applies to the law enforcement officer or not. If he was authorized to stop or pull you over. Most law enforcement or patrol officers pull over suspected offenders on the ground in which their jurisdiction does not apply.

Identity Theft

Sometimes, you can be arrested for a reckless driving crime, which you didn’t even commit. Your driver’s license can be stolen and the law enforcement officer can arrest or charge someone else for your driver’s license. This possible defense for reckless driving can apply only if your driver license is stolen.

Out of State Rules Regarding Reckless DRIVING

The reckless driving rules are different in Virginia as compared with other states. Sometimes if you belong to Virginia and get charged with reckless driving crimes committed in any other state. Other state may have different posted legal speed limits as compared with Virginia. Your legal needs to properly think this over in order to get your cases dismissed or even plea for less severe charges with this defense for reckless driving in Virginia.

Proper Evidence

Sometimes, the law enforcement officer or the patrol traffic officer can pull you over with a reckless driving speed limit which can also be not true due to some technical issues or mistake. Some speed devices may get jammed to show improper or incorrect readings. Your legal lawyer can have the device properly analyzed, examined and evaluated to order to make the case. He or she can able to defend your case with this possible profound defense for reckless driving in Virginia.

Sometimes you can even get pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol drinking. It can be true or even untrue. The device which checks the alcohol levels may be malfunctioning to show an improper reading. Your legal lawyer can also come up with this defense for reckless driving in Virginia that the device shows an improper reading to convict you. The device can be recalibrated or checked with the concerned technical authorities to examine and analyze it. Coming up with proper defenses for reckless driving in Virginia means that your legal lawyer needs to examine your case and come up with the possible concrete scenarios to either dismiss your case or have you face less severe penalties.