Criminal Justice Attorney in Prince William, VA

If you have been accused with a DUI, reckless driving or other severe criminal charge in Prince William, VA, you need a criminal justice attorney who is expert at serving people defend these offenses. Criminal laws in Virginia are some of the hardest in the country and individuals charged with even the most insignificant criminal offenses frequently face severe penalties. An experienced criminal justice attorney in Prince William, VA is necessary and will make all the transformation in the consequence of your case. Law offices of SRIS P.C. knows that being charged with a criminal offense in Prince William, VA can be frightening. Most of all, once the arrest is made, we knows the pressure, insecurity, and nervousness you are experiencing.

We represent clients facing all felony and misdemeanor charges in Prince William, VA including:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Traffic violations
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug charges

While the penalties for verdict of these charges differ widely, our central tactic is the same whether you face a first-time traffic offense or a succeeding felony charge: Classify the choice that will preserve as much of your liberty as possible, and follow that choice aggressively.

Sex Crimes

Fighting a sex crime charge is a serious matter. If you’ve been blamed of rape, sexual battery, offensive liberties, indecent disclosure, child pornography, or an online solicitation we can help you secure your name.


Driving under the Influence is a serious offense which can have disturbing penalties for you and your family, with; loss of permit, fines, or jail time. Our skilled criminal justice attorney in Prince William, VA will work carefully to keep your driving record, and reduce any possible jail time or fines related with the charges.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving charges can affect your record, and can involve you to pay a pretty heavy fine also. Our reckless driving attorney care about you, and want to support you avoid severe consequences where possible. If you’ve been alleged of driving recklessly or speeding overly, you may be in need of legal representation.

Family Law

We also handle several family law cases as well (i.e. divorce, child support).

Domestic violence

Virginia courts and the law of the Commonwealth take domestic violence charges very seriously. Virginia is a compulsory arrest state. In other words when a police officer reacts to a domestic violence call and sees some evidence of an attack he is obligatory by law to make an arrest.