Essentials about taking indecent liberties with a child Prince William, Virginia laws you need to know

Taking indecent liberties with a child or a minor – an individual below 18 years of age and above 15 years of age – is a very serious crime and is dealt with strictly. Any charge with nature this delicate – involving the criminal offense against a minor or child – is a serious matter and may have a strong and very negative impact on you. Not only charges like this jeopardize your freedom, but it also would diminish your chances of having a successful professional and future personal life if they are not handled the right way. It is hence of utmost importance that you find a good criminal defense attorney for yourself so that you are provided with timely professional assistance.

What exactly are Indecent Liberties with a child?

The act of taking indecent liberties with a child or minor is an extremely serious criminal offense with very severe consequences. The act as defined by the law involves an adult actively taking part in any deed that is sexually arousing or gratifying the child or the person accused, using any means possible. This ‘deed’ is also inclusive of inappropriate touching, revealing, fondling, or showing any material that may expose any or all intimate/private body parts or coax the minor to do the same with the accused.

How Prince William, Virginia, Law Recognizes Indecent liberties of a minor?

As per the laws in effect in Prince Williams, Virginia, a person is guilty of taking indecent liberties of a child or a minor –under age of 18 but above 15 years, if that particular individual has a sexual intention and being above the age of 18, exposes or makes the child expose private parts or genitals to the individual. The person may also be held responsible if he proposes to feel or touch the child’s genitals or sexual body parts, or proposes that the child touches the individual’s privates with the intent to arouse or gratify the child sexually.

Furthermore, an individual is deemed guilty if he proposes sexual intercourse to the child or if he is involved with the child in any other, ‘sexual’ act. Any practice or deed of enticement, persuasion, or invitation which might be extended towards a minor or child to enter a room, building, vehicle, or any such place with an intention of sexually involving in any or all of the above mentioned acts is to be considered as taking indecent liberties with a child as per the Henrico Virginia law.

Furthermore, the sexual act if filmed, photographed or documented in any other means for gains that could be monetary or other gains is also considered to be taking indecent liberties and is a serious offense that could be punished with 1 to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine that could be as high as $100,000.

What to do if you face a similar charge in Prince William, Virginia

It is important that such cases be dealt with extreme care, as there are many factors involved, which could complicate the allegations. It is important to have the basic understanding that mistakes are made by everyone, and it does not make you a bad person. Hence, it is also possible to avoid an imprisonment sentence if your case is presented correctly and get recommended for therapy and rehabilitation. Similarly, if you are innocent and are being accused wrongfully, sharing the details of the incident with a professional attorney helps your case.