How to get out of a reckless driving ticket in Hanover VA?

Reckless driving violation is categorized to be the most serious offense amongst all traffic violations. Reckless driving refers to the act of driving in which lives and property of people in surroundings are endangered. It is a serious offense, which subjects a person to the category of Class 1 misdemeanor. In such circumstances punishments are imposed under the Virginia law section 46.2-868, where a person is imposed of a heavy fine up to $2500, imprisonment of up to six months or a year. However, depending upon driver’s prior driving records, his or her license might be suspended for a particular period of time. In certain complex cases, accused is subjected to all of these three mentioned punishments.

Reckless driving is a serious crime, it is considered to be more dangerous than that of over speeding or careless driving, therefore court while penalizing ensure that the same act is not repeated again. However, punishment can be reduced with the help of a legal advisor. Accused can argue in the court with the stance that although he or she was driving recklessly, people and property in the surroundings were safe. A legal adviser and expert attorney can help you with such concerns.

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Traffic violations are considered to be a serious crime around the world, but when it comes to the laws designed by US government, conditions become stricter. All states around the Country abide by these traffic rules, however their violations lead to serious penalties. These penalties are imposed by the court in order to ensure that the same action is not repeated again. This reduces chances of chaotic situations and severe accidents. Reckless driving is the major part of traffic violation, where guilty party is convicted of Class 1 misdemeanor, ultimately imposing strict punishments on the driver. However, these punishments can be reduced.

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