Loudoun VA Traffic Law Practice

All drivers residing or visiting Loudon are obliged to follow the Loudoun VA Traffic Law Practice.

While taking into account the Loudoun VA Traffic Law Practice, a driver is prohibited for:

  • Driving a vehicle in a state of intoxication (alcoholic, narcotic or otherwise), under the influence of medications that worsen reaction and attention, in a painful or tired state endangering the safety of traffic;
  • Transfer control of the vehicle to persons who are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, in a painful or weary state, and also to persons who do not carry a driving license for the right to drive a vehicle of the appropriate category or subcategory, except in the case of driving instruction;
  • Use alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, psychotropic or other intoxicating substances after the traffic accident to which it is involved, or after the vehicle was stopped at the request of a police officer, prior to an examination to determine the state of intoxication, or until a decision is made to release from carrying out such an examination;
  • To drive a vehicle with violation of the regime of work and leisure established by the authorized federal executive body, and in the implementation of international road transport;
  • Use while driving a phone that is not equipped with a technical device that allows you to negotiate without using your hands;
  • Dangerous driving expressed in the repeated committing of one or several consecutive actions consisting in non-fulfillment in the rebuilding of the demand to give way to a vehicle;
  • Rebuilding during heavy traffic, when all lanes are busy, except for cases of turning left or right, a turn, stop or detour of an obstacle, non-observance of a safe distance to a vehicle in front;
  • A non-observance of the lateral on the interval, sudden braking, if such braking is not required to prevent a traffic accident, to prevent overtaking, if the specified actions resulted in the creation by the driver in the course of the traffic

According to Loudoun VA Traffic Law Practice, the concept of refusal to give way to a special vehicle is much broader than many people are used to thinking. That is how drivers usually imagine this situation to follow Loudoun VA Traffic Law Practice. You are driving for some of your business and suddenly hear the howling of sirens. You look in the rearview mirror, then on the sides. Finally, you notice the ambulance that is following you. Every driver in Loudon knows that in this situation he is legally obliged to reduce speed and miss an ambulance.

And if instead of a police car; a tow truck (with a flashing light)? Do you have to give way to him? And if it’s not safe for you at the moment to slow down and rebuild in another row? And what if you are a pedestrian, not a driver?

As a driving licence holder, you should be aware of Loudoun VA Traffic Law Practice that even the slightest fine for violating traffic rules in Loudon can deprive you of this document even if at the time of the violation you were driving a conventional car.

If you attempt to attract the responsibility for refusal to come, call our lawyer for support.