Seek Professional Guidance for Cases of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence is defined as any event of a threating behavior, psychological, emotional, physical and sexual abuse among adults who are partners or members of a family. Controlling behavior is a variety of actions planned to make an individual inferior or helpless by separating them from other sources to get support, misusing their resources and capabilities for private gain, depriving them of resources required for freedom, struggle and escape and controlling their behaviors. You can get professional and legal help if you have the proof that you or your children have been the victims of domestic violence. The reality of domestic violence is that it reveals itself in countless ways and all of them are equally damaging. For protecting the victims of domestic violence, the charges against the offender cannot be dropped by anyone. All domestic violence and abuse charges are heard in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of city in which the crime occurred.

Domestic violence includes:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Financial
  • Emotional abuse.

Regardless of gender, anyone can experience domestic violence and abuse. Pestering, stalking, rape, sexual attack, female genital damage, forced marriage and honor-based abuse are also some kinds of domestic violence and abuse. In case you are facing domestic violence and abuse you don’t have to wait for an emergency situation. You can contact SRIS Law Group for professional guidance. SRIS Law Group is a confidential, legal and professional firm that can offer you support in your case and can advise you on taking right legal action to prevent further harm to adults and children on urgent case where the risk of domestic abuse or child abuse is high.

SRIS Law Group advices on family law and child care law and protect your legal rights

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone regardless of gender, nationality, race and ethnicity. We are here to give you all the support and professional guidance you need. You case will receive our full attention and our experienced lawyers will go beyond to get the best possible results. From your initial consultation and through the conclusion of your case, attorneys at SRIS Law Group will walk with you every step and will explain you the plan for approaching your case, the consequences and all the possible results.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and abuse you can also get protective order from the court. This order can protect you from further abuse. This protective order lasts for 28 days and gives you enough time to explore your options and get professional guidance from experienced and skilled lawyers. Seeking professional guidance in cases of domestic violence and abuse is very necessary to protect you from further abuse. Contact us today and discuss your case. We will get back to your calls within 8 hours. You can also email us about your consultation as we check our emails regularly and thus reply to customer’s queries very rapidly.

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