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Sex crimes are prosecuted seriously in the state of Virginia. Once you are brought under the scanner for a sex crime, you are in the public eye and it could bring about life-altering consequences. A conviction leads to a permanent public record dampening your reputation and causing obstacles in getting a bank loan, job, etc.

When life gets tougher with accusations mounting leading to the doors of the prison, having competent sex crime attorneys Virginia by your side can help. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with their experienced and skilled sex crime attorneys Virginia can help reduce or dismiss the charges. We have been offering legal services for a long time now. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia can be the ultimate source of guidance to all sexual offenders. Meet up with our sex crime attorneys Virginia today, to know more about how state courts prosecute the charged and ways to get out of the mess.

What is a sex crime?

The following codes of conduct are lawfully regarded as sexual offenses in Virginia:

  • If a person engages in sexual intercourse with another individual without prior consent
  • If offenders harass, molest, or rape children.

The offense involving an under-aged transgressor or victim and the condemned sexual act has proven to be non-consensual, it can become a sexual offense. In these circumstances, the offender is convicted and severe punishment is levied on him/her. Dial today to learn in detail about the charges by consulting our sex crime attorneys Virginia.

Our sex crime attorneys Virginia have represented and obtained resolutions for all kinds of sexual offenders.

The following are some of the commonly registered sex crimes in Virginia:

  • Rape – If a person forces another individual to engage in non-consensual sex.
  • Sodomy – If an individual engages in sexual activity with an animal or forcibly performs anal sex on another person.
  • Object penetration – If a person forcibly inserts objects into the genitals of another individual.
  • Sexual offenses against children – Engaging in a way that is sexually inappropriate with a minor, forcibly imparting carnal knowledge to a kid, etc., are some of the sex crimes committed against minors.

Can sexting be prosecuted as a punishable crime?

Sex crime attorneys Virginia are aware of the fact that the state jurisdiction acknowledges no specific code of laws to regulate offenses like sexting. Sexting can be described as the act of transferring sexually offensive content through online or offline mediums. The court can take serious actions against a person, who is found guilty of possessing, distributing, or creating pornographic content, regardless of whether the person photographed or taped is a minor or an adult. Consult our sex crime attorneys Virginia now for more information on how texting can get you into trouble.

Punishments announced for sexual perpetration

A sexual perpetrator is bound to face several life-changing consequences. Sex crime attorneys Virginia can provide information on the penalizations that a state court would announce for a criminal, who is convicted of a sexual violation.

Some of the common penalties include:

  • Long-term imprisonments
  • High amounts of fines
  • A significant period of probation
  • Inclusion of personal information in the state sex offenders list

Convicted sexual offenders should mandatorily get their personal and professional details registered with the sex offenders list of the state. This is more like a criminal record that stays with the transgressor for a significant period. If the considered perpetration is highly offensive, these criminal records stay with the criminals for their entire lifetime. These records are likely to impose several collateral consequences in the future.

Rape and its consequences

Sex crime attorneys Virginia are acquainted with the factors that define and regulate sexual infractions like rape.

The following actions are likely to be heard and tried as rape in the Virginian courts:

  • If the offender uses force or threatens to use force to engage in a non-consensual sexual activity with the victim.
  • During several circumstances, consensual sex can also be treated like rape. If the victim is a kid, who naturally lacked the mental ability to render conscious consent for the accused sexual interaction, the offender is bound to be tried for rape.
  • There is also another classification of rape, called statutory rape. In this case, both parties would have voluntarily offered consent for the reported sexual activity, but the parties would be seen to be legally under-aged to deliver consent for an activity of this kind.
  • Date rapes are also common in Virginia. If the defendant drugs the victim to indulge in rape, it is an offense. This offense incurs serious repercussions since the ability of a person to render conscious consent for any sexual activity is nullified or weakened. 

Sex crime attorneys Virginia are aware of the differences in the ways with which rape criminal charges are prosecuted in the state. If both parties are between the ages of 13 and 16, the filed sexual violation would be treated as a misdemeanor. However, if one of the parties is between 13 and 16 years of age while the other is above 18, the registered criminal offense is heard and tried as a felony. It is advisable to handle misdemeanor or felonious sexual charges under the supervision of efficient sex crime attorneys Virginia. Therefore, call today! Book an appointment with our sex crime attorneys Virginia at the earliest to acquire speedy results!

Our sex crime attorneys Virginia have provided effective legal support for a large number of criminals, who were accused of rape. 

The following are some of the commonly adjudged punishments for rape.

  • Imprisonment for a minimum of 5 years or lifetime incarceration
  • If the victim is found to be a minor, the defendant is prone to be sentenced to prison for a minimum of 25 years
  • Punishments become aggravated when the offense witnessed the use of force or deadly weapon to physically weaken the victim

How are rapes different from other sexual transgressions in Virginia?

Sex crime attorneys Virginia know for a fact that the aspect of consent is the underlying factor that differentiates rapes from other sexual infractions. While representing rape victims, our sex crime attorneys Virginia proves that the alleged sexual interactions were non-consensual and forced. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia establishes that the offenders issued physical threats or used deadly force to make their clients defenseless and helpless.

While representing victims below 13 years of age, our sex crime attorneys Virginia would be additionally required to keep in touch with the updates of the civil investigation that is mandatorily conducted by the child protection services. This civil investigation progresses hand-in-hand with the filed criminal lawsuit. This investigation would at times provide additional supporting evidence that is eventually used in favor of the victims by our sex crime attorneys Virginia. Hire our sex crime attorneys Virginia to obtain desired outcomes.

A briefing on sexual battery

Sex crime attorneys Virginia would describe sexual battery or abuse as the act of molesting, harassing, arousing, or forcibly gratifying another individual.

The following actions can result in sexual battery allegations.

  • If a person forcibly touches your intimate parts or the fabric that covers your private parts. 
  • If you are threatened by the offender to touch your intimate parts.
  • If the perpetrators force you to touch their intimate parts.
  • If you are pressurized by the defendant to touch the intimate parts of a third party.
  • It is equally offensive to force people to touch the material that covers the intimate parts of themselves or other people.
  • If the criminal instructs another person to touch your intimate parts.

Our sex crime attorneys Virginia are familiar with the fact that a proven sexual battery charge would be prosecuted as a misdemeanor of class 1 by the state courts. The common penalties for this misdemeanor include a jail sentence for a maximum of 12 months and a fine of $2500.

Our sex crime attorneys Virginia are also acquainted with the factors that can result in increased jail time for sexual battery offenders.

Thus, our sex crime attorneys Virginia argue for an increased jail sentence for the accused in the following cases.

  • If our sex crime attorneys Virginia find that there is a huge difference between the ages of the plaintiff and the defendant.
  • If our sex crime attorneys Virginia can prove the fact that the defendant used a weapon to threaten or harm their client.
  • If our sex crime attorneys Virginia get to know about the fact that the considered defendant is a repeat sexual offender.

How are arrests performed in Virginia?

Sex Crime Attorney

An individual, who is criminated for a sexual offense, is initially served with an official arrest warrant. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia can identify and report arrests that were executed without the required legal arrest warrants. Once when the warrants are served and the accused individuals are summoned, the police present them before the magistrate. This court hearing decides whether the alleged person is eligible for intermittent bail. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia are aware of the fact that sex offenders are often denied intermittent bail. The state criminal law has acknowledged a list of sex crimes that do not permit bail for the respective criminals. Talk to our sex crime attorneys to know in detail about the eligibility of bail.

The offenders are primarily denied intermittent bail in most cases. But they can eventually approach the courts with the guidance of sex crime attorneys Virginia to place requests for bail. If the court approves this bail, the defendant will be required to pay a specific amount that is legally referred to as the bond amount. A criminal is granted bail only when the required bail amount is paid at the court. However, a person, who is released on bail, is bound to adhere to a certain set of rules.

At the time of apprehension, the police look to convince the accused to voluntarily accept guilt. During this questioning, the police also observe how the offender behaves and delivers statements. The drawn observations are eventually scrutinized to get hold of any sort of incriminating evidence. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia know for a fact that an arrest cannot be initiated unless and until this investigation is either substantially or fully complete. This provision is enforced to restrict the questioning that follows the initial summoning procedures.

How are investigations done?

A majority of the investigations are conducted by a group of detectives, who are employed by the local police force.

An investigation can be scheduled in the following circumstances.

  • If an individual lodges a complaint against another person to accuse the latter of forced sexual engagement.
  • If the parents file a complaint against a person, who is seen to have harassed, molested, or raped their child.
  • If the said complaint is registered directly at the child protection services. In this case, the authorities at the child protection services carry out an initial investigation, following which they send in intimations to the office of the state prosecutor regarding the finalized criminal charges.

Any investigator would primarily look for a slip-up or voluntary admission of guilt by the alleged person. In most cases, the offenders begin to reveal more than what is necessary and appropriate without knowing the fact that their actions can result in further incrimination. The police officials or investigators use these investigations as tools to extract additional pieces of incriminating proof from the defendants.

The investigations are often referred to as interviews or friendly attempts that help with collecting and reviewing information from either party. But in reality, these investigations are nothing but smart attempts to lure the transgressors into voluntarily accepting guilt or providing statements that can potentially be used against themselves during trials. The evidence and information gathered during these investigations are presented by the Commonwealth during the court trials to support the accusations that are filed against the defendants.

Agencies involved in handling sexual transgressions

Sexual violations are usually dealt with by the local police where the crime was committed. But the local police will also have a special force to specifically interrogate sexual perpetrators. This team would include a group of seasoned and trained professionals, who are specially employed to assist the police in handling and resolving sex crimes. The authorities at the child protection services also pitch in while handling sexual offenses.

Be mindful of your interactions with the police or government officials!

The criminals are indebted to converse with a large number of government and police officials in all cases. It is not advisable to speak to these officials without consulting experienced sex crime attorneys Virginia. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia have long years of experience in handling these kinds of lawsuits. Therefore, our sex crime attorneys Virginia are acquainted with the ways with which you should converse with a government official to avoid acquiring additional criminal charges on the grounds of misconduct, disregard, or non-cooperation.

In most cases, the Commonwealth would find it difficult to go about with the cases assigned. They would also find it hard to prove the accusations raised against the defendant. Therefore, the Commonwealth would look to incriminate the accused using the statements made by them during interrogations or casual conversations. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia have come across people, who have unwillingly or voluntarily made statements that worked in favor of the police or the Commonwealth.

The sex crime attorneys Virginia from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have also met up with defendants, who wrongly assumed that they can get their charges reduced by avoiding going against the instructions of the police. Police officers are free to incriminate a person provided they have supporting evidence, regardless of what the truth is. If you are wrongly accused and are looking to protect your interest, talk to our sex crime attorneys Virginia today. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia are your only source of respite when you are caught in such risky situations. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia can provide necessary advice on the ways with which an alleged individual can effectively navigate through these lawsuit procedures with minimal consequences.

The significance of sex crime attorneys in Virginia

Fines, imprisonments, and probation are not the only penalizations for a sexual conviction. The most consequential outcome of a sexual conviction is the need to face the reputational damage that follows the said accusation. Having to face the brunt of a conviction is nearly close to a recurring nightmare. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia are cognizant of the impacts posed by a sexual conviction on aspects like relationships, employment, education, new opportunities, professional eligibility, etc.

A proven sexual offender is bound to face increased challenges while applying for bank loans, passing eligibility requirements for a job or educational admission, etc. Criminals can also lose contact with their family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, partners, relatives, etc. Therefore, offenders must have themselves backed with the required defense. Only experienced sex crime attorneys Virginia will have the knowledge and skills to come up with the right defense for every sexual charge.

The sex crime attorneys Virginia from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. would first and foremost analyze whether the reported sexual activity was consensual or forced. Secondly, our sex crime attorneys Virginia would look into the age of the parties involved in the case, since the factor of age plays a major role in deciding the severity of the filed allegation. If the reported offense involved a minor, the case is bound to be prosecuted very seriously. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia would also check whether the considered perpetrator threatened or hurt the victim to commit the filed offense. Every case detail is thoroughly studied and analyzed by our sex crime attorneys Virginia to build an appropriate defense for the alleged client.

The testimonies of witnesses play a crucial role in influencing the outcome of a criminal case. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia can find out whether there are witnesses, who are willing to testify at the court in support of the defendant. Our sex crime attorneys would also try to locate and identify legitimate pieces of evidence to discredit the actions of the accused person. Most importantly, our sex crime attorneys Virginia would examine whether the defendant was accused or found guilty of similar sexual violations in the past.

The key to preparing a strong defense

Our sex crime attorney Arlington would look into the following aspects to build the right defense for the alleged client.

  • The relationship between the criminal and victim (if any).
  • The ages of the criminal and the victim.
  • The severity of the accusations raised against the offender.

Additionally, it is crucial to check whether the alleged individual was accurate or exaggerated. It is also important to check whether the defendant possesses any credibility issues or prior criminal history. 

The specifics and details of a case are essential for preparing the right defense. Our sex crime attorneys Virginia can build the right defensive strategy only when they have access to all important facts and information. In most cases, our Fairfax sex crimes defense attorneys would be entitled to prove that their victimized clients did not provide voluntary consent for the reported sexual interactions. Additionally, our Fairfax sex crime attorney would ensure whether the victim was intoxicated or has any recollection of the events that occurred while the offense was committed. During several circumstances, our Fairfax sex crimes attorney would be pushed to argue that the considered defendant was not the actual or the only person, who committed the filed transgression.

In several cases, our Virginia Beach sex crime attorney would be obligated to show that the victimized client was not physically or mentally mature to comprehend or provide conscious consent to the accused sexual activity. Our lawyers can claim that their clients were unable to differentiate right from wrong at the time of the accused sexual engagement.

Each case is unique. Our Virginia sex crime attorney will carefully assess and scrutinize every case to obtain the best result for our clients. Our Virginia juvenile sex crimes attorney possesses the necessary expertise and skills to defend minor criminals and achieve justice for under-aged victims. Call the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. today!