Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Alexandria Virginia

  1. Types of sexual assault in Alexandria Virginia
    1. Solicitation of a minor; The law accounts the following sexual acts in a solicitation of a minor:
      1. Asking the minors to expose their Genitals
      2. Asking the minors to stroke their own genital
  • Asking the minors to stroke the offender’s genital
  1. Distributing Pornographic material involving children
  2. Expose his own genitals to any minor
  3. Inviting a minor to his residence or a private place with an intention of conducting any such sexual activity
  • Possessing Pornographic material involving children
  • Producing Pornography involving children
  1. Solicitation with the intention of human trafficking
  2. Solicitation with the intention of prostitution
  1. Indecent Exposure
    1. Exposing genitals or performing any sexual activity near schools, hospital or places where minors are present
    2. Exposing genitals forcefully to individuals is a type of sexual abuse.
  2. Engaging in sexual acts for money (prostitution)
    1. Prostitution is defined as providing any kind of sexual favor in return for a monetary benefit, which is type of sexual assault
  3. Solicitation for prostitution
    1. Solicitation for prostitution is asking an individual to participate in a sexual activity for a monetary benefit.
  4. Rape
    1. Rape is defined as the act of forcefully performing a vaginal Sexual intercourse. Furthermore, sexual intercourse is defined as virginal, oral or anal penetration
  5. Statutory Rape:
    1. Statutory rape is defined as an act of committing sexual intercourse with a minor.
  6. Penalties allotted to sex offenders in Alexandria Virginia
    1. Hefty fines of more than $2500 in extreme cases such as sexual violence, Sexual assault of a minor or aggregated battery
    2. Long-term disadvantages
    3. Imprisonment for 1 year to 25 years in class 1 misdemeanor and felony cases, however, the same punishment increases if the crime is committed with a minor, leading to lifetime imprisonment
  7. What Should You Do If You Are falsely accused of a Sexual Abuse in Alexandria, Virginia?

Being convicted of a sexual assault can cause a lot of troubles as it carries quite harsh punishments in Alexandria Virginia. The individual will not only face the allotted punishment but they will also be facing long-term impacts of sexual charges, which will drastically impact their personal and professional life. The best way to deal with any sexual assault charges is to follow the following steps:

  1. Exercise your right to stay silent and do not speak with any law enforcement authorities
  2. Do not talk to the victim
  3. Hire a sexual assault defense lawyer in Alexandria Virginia immediately
  4. Discuss your case in detail with your lawyer skipping no information
  1. How can a sexual assault defense lawyer in Alexandria Virginia help you?

It is crucial to hire an experienced defense lawyer who can drive an effective strategy against harsh Virginia’s prosecutors. An experienced sexual assault defense lawyer in Alexandria Virginia is aware of all these penalties and can help you tackle the harsh behavior of the prosecutors. This could even minimize your penalties or they can even be helpful in waiving off your false accusations.