Virginia Child Support Lawyers

In Commonwealth of Virginia, both parents, whether or not lawfully married to one another, are legally obligated and enforceable to support their children. According to Virginia child support lawyers, child support payments are typically based on total combined gross incomes each parent. It grants the child (or children eligible for child support) the benefits of what both the parents could have mutually provided when living together.

In Virginia, the state holds both the parents equitably responsible for bearing a certain percentage of the total child support amount that has to include dental and health care for the child (or children). Simply because each parent financially contributes to child support, it does not equally imply that the parents must swap checks each month.

One of the parents be required to pay child support directly to himself or herself, as a parent, or can become a client of the Compliance Division of the Child Support (DCSE) so that the parent can receive payments through the DCSE office of their town in Virginia. In some cases, the payment of child support must be processed through the Division of Child Support Enforcement.


If you ask this question to Virginia child support lawyers, they will tell you that you or your office of the Division of Child Support Enforcement may take the following compliance measures:

  1. Most compliance measures are provisions of an assignment of mandatory pension.┬áThis means that an employer is required to deduct the amount of child support compensation from the employee’s salary. To make a request for a pension allowance, you must know the other parent’s employer, the other parent’s social security number, and the frequency with which the other parent charges.
  2. An affidavit that asks the judge to issue a rule for the other parent to “show justification” of the reason why you should not be found guilty of contempt in relation to the court order to pay child support.

For the above two compliance measures, you must know the current address of the other parent as well as the amount of child support that has remained unpaid.

What should I do to change the amount of child support?

You can negotiate a change in the amount of support through a mediation process or by consulting Virginia child support lawyers. If this does not work, then you can ask the Court to modify the amount of child support. In general, the amount of child supports minor changes only when there is a significant variation in the situation of the parents or the minor’s needs.

What are the consequences related to taxes on the profits of the child support payments?

In general, child support payments are not considered income taxable to the beneficiary and, therefore, are not discounted to the parent who pays the maintenance. In order to get your all questions related to income taxes federal and state laws and the claim of dependents answered, then you should contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or your tax advisor besides getting consultation from Virginia child support lawyers.