Virginia Divorce Lawyers

If you are going through a process of divorce in Virginia, you must understand that the separation attorney is very essential, who is dedicated to listening to your concerns and needs, who will be honest with you about the process of your case and who can work hard to help you achieving possible results in your favor

Be accessible: You will have direct access to the email and direct telephone number of your assigned attorney so that you can ask whenever necessary

Be aggressive: Your assigned attorney will work hard to protect your rights and ensure the best possible case outcome

Be sensitive: Family matters are not easy so the attorneys will do their best to simplify legal work and compassionate


The separation lawyers can help you with all your legal divorce needs, which include:

Divorce in Virginia

Divorce without opposition

Child support

the custody

The adoptions

The right of visit

Name change

Pre-matrimonial agreements



The divorce attorneys support to get divorce in Virginia.

Divorce Lawyers

What conditions must be met to file for a divorce in Virginia?

-To obtain a divorce in Virginia, your spouse or you must be a resident of Virginia for over six months ahead of filing a case of divorce in Virginia

-If he/she does not have children from their marriage, they need to be separated for a minimum of six months and must have property agreement in written form before they can file for divorce.

-If there are children from the marriage, then it takes almost one year before the case of divorce is being filed.

In Virginia’s court separation agreement are not being filed. The divorce lawyers of Virginia will guide you through all the necessary legal steps and make sure you are also heard along with all your concerns are being addressed.

The reason for divorce, in other words, can be called the reason why the spouses are filed for divorce. In all states, including Virginia, there is a list of legally valid reasons for divorce, recognized by law. Therefore, in the first place, you should determine one or more reasons justifying the divorce.

The lawyers will help married couples arrange the documents for divorce and consult on all the legal aspects of the family law: the division of property, the maintenance of children, the maintenance of the spouse, etc.

Grounds for divorce:

  • If the spouses lived separately from each other for a year continuously, at the same time, the permanent separation was originally intended by one of the parties. A similar reason for divorce exists in Virginia.
  • If the spouses agree to live separately, they do not have children, and they lived separately from each other, six months continuously. Such a short period of separation is recognized only by the divorce law of Virginia.
  • If, during married life, one of the spouses committed treason or an act of sodomy.
  • If one of the spouses have been convicted of a criminal offense and have been imprisoned for more than one year and, accordingly, has not lived in the family since the commencement of imprisonment.
  • If one of the spouses was excessively cruel, and this caused a reasonable fear of the other before the risk of possible bodily harm; or simply left (abandoned) his wife (s), a victim of this relationship can get a divorce automatically, in a year.