Prostitution has been increasingly legalized in some parts of the world however it remains a punishable offense within the state of Virginia. Any parties involved have the chance of being found guilty and serve jail time and pay fines if they are involved in this. The laws defined as per the code of Virginia, detail that proposing prostitution to a person, agreeing to take part in it or participating in any sexual act for payment is considered prostitution and will be dealt with by the law accordingly.

The state of Virginia declares prostitution as a class 1 misdemeanor which is punishable by jail time for up to 12 months as well as in some cases along with a fine of up to 2500 dollars. One the other hand the solicitation of sexual nature is also considered a crime which includes the acts of offering to pay money or some form of compensation in exchange for sexual acts. The enforcement of payment of any loans through sex or acts of sexual nature also come under this very heading and are all punishable offences according to the rules and regulations stated in the code of Virginia. The acts of prostitution as well as solicitation are both serious offences considered on the same level by the courts of law and treated and punished accordingly.

A branch of these very crimes is the promotion and aiding of prostitution either by monetary means or by providing a place or people for the purpose of serving as prostitutes. In many cases this involves a serious violation of human rights owing to the use of human trafficking for sexual purposes. Any person who takes a person by force or will to become a prostitute, or places someone in the position to be illegally employed by pimps or earns money from those people by making them sell their bodies for this trade is considered guilty and convicted by class 4 felony charges. These people are subject to any number of years between 1 and 10 along with lump sum fines and sometimes lifetime imprisonment depending upon the severity of their actions and the number of people directly negatively impacted by their actions.

Lastly, owning or renting out houses or places or arranging for rooms at the expense of being paid for it to be provided for prostitution or running a prostitution business on one’s property in itself is also considered an offence according to the code of Virginia. All the parties involved ; the prostitutes, the pimps, the customers and the third parties involved in human trafficking are all eligible to be prosecuted and found guilty of prostitution and solicitation within the state of Virginia by both federal and state courts. They are classified under a class 1 misdemeanor as well as penalties depending upon the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including but not limited to HIV and AIDs.

In conclusion, the state or Virginia and its authorities strictly condemn prostitution and solicitation and anyone found guilty is severely punished.

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