What is Considered to be Sexual Violence in Virginia?

Any sexual act whether verbal or physical, which is sexual in nature and can physically or mentally harm a person is considered as sexual violence. There are many forms of sexual violence, which includes:

  • Rape
  • Child sexual assault
  • Marital rape
  • Sexual harassment
  • Incest
  • Exposure
  • Voyeurism

Other sexual violence may also include forcible sexual assault through substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol, and prescription medicines etc. It is also observed that there is a link or connection between substance abuse and sexual violence. There have been rape cases, both at societal and individual levels, where drinking alcohol too much may lead to a contributing factor towards rape.

There are many cases of sexual assaults, where the offender inflicts or uses intoxicating drugs or other substance, prior to the assault. As for the perpetrator, being in or without the influence of substance abuse, may remove both psychological and physical inhibitors. A perpetrator also has the option to use alcohol or intoxicating drugs as an excuse to fulfill his criminal behavior.

The Use of Substance Abuse for Sexual Violence

The use of substance abuse may include drinking alcohol or having drugs, which makes it difficult for the victim to feel helpless and stay away from extremely dangerous situations which leads to a sexual assault or violence. He or she may not then have an option to resort or find a way out of the assault. It is quite evident that many convicted perpetrators have agreed that they have fed alcohol or drugs to their victims before sexually assaulting them.

However, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be taken as an excuse for perpetrating sexual violence. This does not give someone the right to sexually hurt other people. Victims, who are oppressed and under the influence of substances at the time of the assault, cannot be held responsible for the perpetrator’s sexual activities. There is a high percentage of people who are under the influence of substance abuse, eventually become victims of sexual violence. These people have been reported that drugs and intoxicating substances have helped them through, to become numb and push and forget painful memories of sexual violence. Many of these people, who were using substance abuse, have been reported to become sober and clean in rehab centers, who previously dealt with sexual abuse.

It is also quite evident that rapes and sexual violence and assaults occur because the perpetrator involves the victim to drink alcohol. With the combined use of drugs and alcohol, victims can become numb and helpless to resist any acts of sexual violence or assault. Another scenario involves teenage college students who are involved in intimate relationships, have been found to be drinking alcohol or using drugs. This eventually leads to rape. Some perpetrators have found to slip intoxicating drugs into a drink and give it to the victim, which also prevents them from resisting a sexual assault.

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