What is Online Solicitation of Prostitution from a Minor in Virginia

Being accused of any kind of sex crime, which involves a minor, is considered to be a grave criminal charge that the accused can, in no way, take lightly. These are considered to be a serious criminal offense under both – Virginia as well as federal laws. Both, the Virginia and federal prosecutors, belligerently prosecute those who have been charged with any of these crimes.

The sentences handed out to them often consist of a long prison sentence, hefty fines, along with a prerequisite for them to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. One of these numerous sex-related crimes, which one could be charged with is that of online solicitation of prostitution from a minor in Virginia, if any type of electronic device was made use of to communicate with the minors.

If you have been charged with online solicitation of prostitution from a minor in Virginia, you should act immediately. Oftentimes you will also be face numerous other related charges as well. Hiring an experienced sex crime defense attorney who has previously successfully defended those charged with online solicitation of prostitution from a minor in Virginia along with other sex crimes, is important in building a strong defense case.

In general, online solicitation of prostitution from a minor in Virginia involves taking part in an online communiqué with a minor where the defendant asks or lobbies the minor in order to meet with her/him to participate in sexual acts. It can be very frustrating for someone to be charged with this particular crime as it does not, in fact, involve the actual sexual acts. The apparently very simple act of just communicating with a minor in this certain way might result in people being charged with this horrendous crime.

In the state of Virginia, online solicitation of prostitution from a minor in Virginia falls under the Virginia code section named the use of communication systems in order to facilitate certain types of offenses concerning minors. This is a very broad decree, which covers a wide range of events and actions and can also involve the use of any electronic device, for instance, cell phones, bulletin boards, internet, and sexting. It is also considered to be illegal for any person to make use of any electronic resource to lure any person that she/he knows or has the valid reasons to believe is below the age of eighteen years old. The solicitation of the following sort might be considered to be a violation of this particular law:

  1. Lure, allure, or/and propose that a minor enters into a vehicle, house, room, and/or any other apartment in order to perform one of the forbidden acts.
  2. Expose her/his genitals and/or sexual parts to an underage to whom she/he is not lawfully married to or suggests that the child expose her/his genitals or sexual body parts to the defendant.
  3. Proposes that the particular minor engages in the inappropriate act of sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, or any other type of prohibited sexual act.
  4. Propose that a minor fondles or touches her/his own or the defendant’s genitals and/or sexual body parts and/or that the defendant fondles or feels the child’s genitals and/or sexual body parts.

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